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IaaS - Virtual Cloud with OpenStack 

Servers, networks and storage, no penny invested (no CAPEX)

Unlimited computing output as a Service (IaaS)

Do not pay more than is necessary

We are not a reseller - we have our own cloud team


How Do We Take Care of You?


We operate our own data center (TIER III). The operations are constantly monitored and managed in accrodance with ISO certifications. We apply multilevel cybersecurity measures to the virtual layer.


Adapt your IT to the operations of your company at any time and to a full extent and only pay for what you need. Furthermore, monitor everything on a simple dashboard by using just a few pie charts.


Since the beginning of operations, there have been no unscheduled outages. We guarantee service availability of up to the 99,99%. We update physical infrastructure regularly to ensure the highest service quality.

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