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Di Hub Innovation Lab

Industry Clients and Experts ready to work with you

Other affluent Start Ups ready to collaborate and work with you

Design Thinking, DevOps and Industry 4.0 lab and facilities

Affordable state of the art cloud resources and cloud engineers advisors


How Do We Take Care of You?


Making technical application is the easy part but making sure that it is market fit and solving real industry or user challenges is harder. With Di Hub membership you can book lessons with Industry Experts (Manufacturing, Telecom, Health, Retail), with academia (R&D AI, Robotics++) with business advisors, with investors and with cloud engineer experts that will all help you speed up your journey in the right direction.


Building technical applications by and for engineers is easy but building it for a representative persona and real users with outstanding EXPERIENCE in mind is hard but fun. With Di Hub membership you can book design and build sessions with enterprise design thinkers, UX designers and cloud engineers that will accelerate your product onto the right path in a truly differentiating manner.


Challenge the status quo and lead the change. With Di Hub membership you get to be part of a knowledge community and a wider network that exchange hyper trend knowledge through events, conferences and lectures. This is a good time to meet up in your nearest Di Hub facility to meet others and mingle. We strive to have the most relevant speakers for you and you get to have a voice.

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