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Full data center services through Infrastructure as a Service

Do not be content with a set of resources that do not adapt to your needs but set up your infrastructure exactly as you need it. There is no need to equip for "what if" situations when the virtual data center allows you to optimize the resources based on your current need.

Advantages of the virtual data center compared to virtual servers

PARAMETER Virtual Server Virtual Data Center
RESOURCES One virtual machine with a given configuration of vCPUs, vRAM and vHDD/vSSD. Alocated vCPUs, vRAM and vHDD/vSSD with a flexible option to set up any number of machines based on these resources.
OPERATION SYSTEM Tied to the virtual machine. Any time set up a server with the OS of your choice from the alocated resources.
PRIVATE NETWORKING Does not allow the interconnection of individual servers with private ranges. SDN; The network environment fully under your control.
FLEXIBILITY To change the configuration or OS, it is necessary to purchase another virtual machine. Any configuration and OS and the option to order more resources at a quantity you specify.
OPERATION Payments relatd to each virtual machine. Payments connected to the resources, not the specific servers.

We build on these technologies

Technologie, na kterých staví virtuální privátní cloud – Kubernets, OpenStack, ceph, Jenkins, Grafana, Open vSwitch, GitLab, kibana, Salstack

What Does a Virtual Data Center Have to Offer?

adapt to current needs

Whether you need to develop, test, publish or operate internal processes, the resources are always adapted to your needs and running based on the necessary activities.

change with one ticket

Expand your virtual data center with only one email, we take care of the changes fast and without any unnecessary paperwork.

upside down within minutes

The platform immedaitelly reacts to your needs and you can change the full configuration within a snap of fingers, you are in full control.

leave the toolbox at home

The virtual data center is managed with a mouse. And you are not left without a help, there are Youtube tutorials hosted by our virtual colleague IVA.

conquer the time and space

You set up everything in the virtual data center based on your needs including the network and drive environments - online and real-time.

full resource management

The online interface allows for the full control over the resource use and optimization based on the given situation and real needs.

the only two things that restrain you are your own imagination and the allocated resources