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Turnkey e-Government

IVA fully-equipped city

IVA platform fully accommodates the operation of information technologies of the city. It is possible to connect it to any internal system and increase the quality of processes and activities.

At the same time, it can also run applications from various vendors and thanks to it provide a wide range of services to citizens, local entrepreneurs, and tourists or even to other groups.

IVA infrastructure

  • Carefully selected, tested, and optimized devices.
  • Solution focused on low consumption, high output, and longevity.
  • Complete solution for modern IT in modern cities.

IVA virtualization

  • Fully equipped virtual environment adjusted to the city needs with simple control and top level cybersecurity.
  • Flexible output addressing the current IT needs.

Iva applications

  • Unified environment for the connection of any software.
  • Output and application management fully controlled by the cit.
  • Services and application package tailored to the specific needs of the given city.

Which Apps Will You Choose for Your City?

IVA running apps for communication

Deployment Examples

  • Electronic Official Desk
  • Transportation Info
  • Events Calendar
  • All crucial information found in a city mobile application.
  • Simple tools for two-way communication among the city, citizens, and local entrepreneurs.
  • Interactive way of joining citizens to the city life.

IVA running apps for modern public administration

Internal Processes

  • Attendance Management
  • Electronic Orders
  • E-Official Desk on Kiosks
  • Unification of internal administration systems
  • Electronic services of the public administration
  • Storage and management of city data based on national and European regulations

IVA running apps for environment management

Current Information

  • CO2 in Buildings
  • Dangerous Substances Leak
  • Waste Management
  • Monitoring of the state of various aspects of the environment thanks to simple sensors
  • Sensor data can be easily further processed or provided to third parties for further analyses
  • Basic analyses and display of outputs incorporated in the solution

IVA running apps for virtual city guides


  • 3D Tours
  • MediaCloud
  • City Guide in Mobile
  • Full management of cultural data
  • Support of tourism growth
  • Visitors joined in the city atmosphere

IVA running apps for map display

Map Layer Options

  • Space Planning
  • Culture Map
  • Crime Map
  • Practical tool to display city data
  • Adjusted to city GIS
  • Interactive management of city properties

Where to Get Inspired?

City of Strakonice

  • Full modernization of the data center placed in the city hall building.
  • Deployment of a package of moern applications to ensure communication with citizens or 3D sight seeing tours.

City of Pisek

  • Physical infrastructure placed in TCP Data Center.
  • Deployment of modern applications to ensure cultural data management or interactive site encyclopedia.

Do you want to know more?

We will be happy to explain the solution in detail and design for you the optimal tailor-made solution.